The Toker Property Group Difference:

We all seek quality care and service whether we are being seen by a doctor, purchasing a car or shopping for any specialized product. Real Estate is no Different. We at the Toker Property Group have designed a multi-faceted Real Estate approach to the home selling experience that has yet to be matched as we see it.

We believe that it is vital for you to REALLY vet the Real Estate Agent or Team that you are considering hiring before signing on the dotted line. Once you sign, you are entrusting that agent or team with overseeing what is likely your largest and greatest investment. Do NOT choose an agent based on a suggested selling price, choose based on reviews and what they bring to the table for you. It’s easy to manipulate the suggested selling price to buy your listing and then to ask for price reductions later. Choose the selling price after you choose a Realtor® to work with. We know from experience that there is only one chance to get this very specialized process right, and that is the 1st time around.

Please review the services that we offer found below to use as a benchmark when interviewing our competition. Feel free to use the information and the information on our website when vetting your Realtor® It will be well worth your time to compare our services against all others. We know that once you do, we will be hearing from you.

When you work with us, we provide the following standard services:

  • A listing agent or (team member) that attends all your showings to ensure the lights are on, shoes are off and questions about the property are answered to the prospective buyers and their agent. We also ensure the lights are off and the house is locked up after the showing.
  • A dedicated listing agent that prioritizes his time with your listing and not other buyer clients.
  • A listing agent that works your open house personally and hires help to service the buyers. (see open house section for more details)
  • A listing agent that will work with you prior to the listing going live to coach you on getting your property fully ready for the market and providing you with a free van to assist with this.
  • Provide access to our elite professional trade’s contacts to help get your property tidied up from the gardening, painting, cleaning or full on renovations.
  • Provide access to our team member professional stager (see staging for more details)
  • We provide high quality aluminum for sale signs that are reflective, so they are easily visible at night not the cheap plastic signs. Why represent your property with a cheap for sale sign?
  • Personal cell phone number listed on signs and marketing.
  • Professional Ariel drone video and photos of your property. (some areas this is not allowed)
  • Professional photography.
  • Professional property4k video. Usually approx. Approx. 2-4 mins long.
  • Professional 4k detail video of the property. (not a cell phone video) Approx. 15-20 mins long. Used for virtual open houses for out-of-town clients as well as reverse prospecting
  • Professional full color floor plans
  • Property website
  • 3-D Matterport self-guided video tour
  • Professional property brochure (samples available)
  • Free courtesy cargo van to use to prepare property for sale. (see courtesy van section for more details)
  • Custom made property documents package
  • Social media marketing (dedicated in house specialist team member)
  • Attend the entire home inspection (buyers and sellers) to ensure your home is being respected through the process
  • Attend the property appraisal
  • Feature you home in the Select Mortgage window
  • Feature your home to our approx. 150 Royal LePage agents
  • Feature your home in the Sidney, Oak Bay or Langford office windows depending on where your home is located.
  • Full time Office staff to facilitate showings, paperwork and marketing materials

What we offer and What to Expect from the Toker Property Group

A Full Time - Listing Agent:

Hire us and:

  • A Realtor® will show up in person to present your home to all buyers and Realtors with booked showings and ensuring that all home information is relayed, with questions answered and buyers’ shoes are removed;
  • We will be there to turn out the lights and secure your home at the end of every showing;
  • We will provide you with excellent home staging advice and is there to skillfully answer any questions that you may have;
  • We have invested in office staff to facilitate information quicker allowing for faster service to you and other agents;
  • We are in training weekly to keep current with legal and market issues;
  • We are always available to take your call or answer your text;
  • We are present during Photoshoots and Videography sessions at your home ensuring that the best angles and areas of your home are featured and your home is respected;
  • We are there to expertly negotiate the very best price and terms in the contract for you and ensure we have a tight enforceable contract;
  • We attend any and all inspections & appraisals that are booked by the buyers agent;
  • We always look out for you and keep your best interests first and foremost when making decisions that affect you;
  • We have a dedicated buyers agent so the listing agent has more uninterrupted time to focus on your property. We are a boutique team dedicated to the best service possible.

A Full- Time Accredited Buyer’s Realtor®

It is vital that the listing agent is available for our seller clients at all times of the day and night; not sidetracked by showing buyers other homes or attending to paperwork. Our experienced accredited Buyer’s Realtor® is devoted to our Buyer Clients ensuring that they can get in to see the homes they want to see expediently. In doing so this frees up our listing agents time to focus on our Seller Clients’.

Our Accredited Buyer’s Realtor® focuses solely on assisting our buyer clients to locate great homes, in educating them on the entire buying process, preparing market evaluations for homes that they are interested in putting an offer in on, being there in person to present the offer in multiple offer scenarios, negotiating the contracts, attending all inspections and being there every step of the way to get to get the job done and well into the future. Never too busy to take a call, answer a question, or show a home that a buyer is excited to see before it is sold.

The Solo Agent

The Realtor® who does it on their own, gets caught up in all of the day-to-day goings on whether showing multiple homes, listing homes, addressing endless paperwork, answering emails and texts, driving long distances and striving to get everything done that needs to be done. Is it possible that you or other interested parties in your property may not receive a call back or email when you most need an answer in the above scenario?

Our Awesome Administrative Staff:

It is so important that all necessary paperwork, emails and showing requests are dealt with efficient ease. We have two experienced administrative staff overseeing the running of our very busy office. In a day’s work they will process all necessary paperwork required by the Clients, Brokerage, Selling Agents, Lawyers and Lenders and so much more…

Our Marketing Director Extraordinaire:

Our Creative Marketing Director oversees all the marketing for your home and spares no expense in creating high end marketing and advertising pieces, all while ensuring that the final product has a long and expansive client reach.

Courtesy Van is available for our Clients’ use

All of our clients will have the opportunity to use our Courtesy Van. Clients find this very helpful when preparing their home for sale by pre packing some items and taking them to storage or even delivering to the donation places or even the dump. If there is ever a need to deliver items or pick up items, just contact us and we will make it available to you for no cost.

Join us at our Annual Beach Party

The Toker Property Group gives back to our clients in many ways. Every year we host a family day at the beach for our clients, families and friends. We professionally cater a host of different fun foods, provide music, make available the World Famous Hobie Eclipses, kayaks and even the Adventure Island. This party keeps in tune with our

Professional services, "Top Tier" and "Always going the extra mile" motto. Just ask any of our clients. We look forward to adding your name to our list of happy clients to attend the beach party. (See the beach party tab for more info and photos.)

Expert Pricing Advice:

One of the most important aspects to consider when hiring a listing agent is to get advice on what price you should list your home at. Using our vast combined experience, an understanding of the market and comparable sales we will help you price your home correctly. It is crucial to price your home accurately and not to high at the onset otherwise you could end up being disappointed. The wrong buyers will look at your home which will ultimately help to sell the other homes in your area that are priced properly.

When we meet with you and show you the comps in the area, we will discuss your selling strategy and then help you set the price. This is a process we will discuss in person to explain the details.

Home Preparation and How We Can Help:

From the moment we enter your home we are viewing what we see with expert eyes and know how a competitive buyer might view it as well. Your home needs to be prepared to help facilitate the best photos and we will help you with that. Our main goal is to present your home to the market in its best light knowing that homes that are immaculately prepared for sale will yield the highest sale price for the homeowner.

We will:

  • Provide you with access to our team member professional stager
  • Provide you with access to our elite professional trade contacts ensuring that you can get any job completed expertly

Getting the Best Exposure and Highest Sale Price using The Toker Property Group Marketing Method

At the Toker Property Group, we focus heavily on preparing high-end marketing pieces for your home. Since photography is absolutely one of the most essential elements in successfully selling your home, we spare no expense. We know that the internet is where most home buyers start looking for homes so taking some time to prepare your home before photos are taken ensures your home is featured in its best light.

We hire at no extra cost to you:

  • A professional top-tier photographer.
  • A Professional Property4k Videographer and Matterport Technician to record three videos:
    • A Video that is approximately 2-4 mins long and used on the TPG website and other social media outlets
    • A second Video that runs for approximately 15-20 mins. This narrated video is used for virtual open houses, for out-of-town clients as well as for reverse prospecting
    • A 3-D Matterport Self-Guided Video Tour that shows a Doll-House perspective of your home
  • Professional Ariel drone video and photos of your property. (some areas this is not allowed)
  • A Floor Plan technician to create professional full color floor plans

We Create at No Extra Cost to You:

  • A professional property brochure complete with photos and features of your home. We leave copies at your home to have available for Buyers to take when they view your home and/or when they log onto our website and down-load the PDF. (Please request samples)
  • A professional property website specific to your home to feature all the information and marketing materials listed above
  • High quality aluminum For Sale signs that are reflective, so they are easily visible at night with personal cell phone number listed on signs and all marketing.
  • Custom made property documents package for your records
  • Feature your property in the Window at Select Mortgage and one of our 3 Royal LePage offices depending on the area you live in.

Your Home Listing will be Featured and/or Posted on:

  • The Multiple Listing service (MLS) on the early morning of your list date complete with professional photos, color floor plans, 2 videos, 3d matterport tour, 360 degree pictures and a link to your property website
  • Your own property website where interested buyers will be able to source all of the information, photos, videos, floor plans, Matterport 3D Rendering with the added ability to email us to request a showing.
  • The Royal LePage Local and National Websites
  • Our Facebook Business Page for our many followers to like and share
  • The Royal LePage Private Group for all of our 180 Realtors to share with their clients
  • Our Weekly Brokerage Meeting where your home will be shared with all of our
  • Fellow Realtors® so they can share with their clients

Our Social Media Marketing

  • A Facebook Ad will be placed featuring your property that will reach the key Demographic specifically looking for a home like yours
  • An Instagram Post will be created and posted that will allow our many Instagram followers are able to like and share.

When we sit down for a consultation meeting, we will cover these services and the reasons why we offer them as standard and at no extra cost.

We won’t be a stranger to you and encourage active communication:

We will be in attendance for all showings to ensure that each buyer can be given all of the information they need to make their best decision. We will also ensure that your home is secured and that lights are off once the showing over.

Sharing Feedback:

After each showing we will contact you to let you know how the showing went, if there is any information to relay, and to let you know if you need to be available to consider an offer that may be coming in. We return your emails, texts and telephone calls promptly and all requests for showings are handled swiftly and efficiently.

Know that you can rest easy knowing that you will always be kept up to date and that your home is secure. That is our promise to you.

Open Houses that are memorable

A Toker Property Group Open House is Truly unique and set apart from all of the Rest ; "Designed to Set your Home up for your Success"

This is why:

  • By providing you a minimum 3-hour on-site commitment to sell your home, you know that you are in good hands and showing our dedication to selling your home.
  • Since an Open House will usually generate an extra 8-15 group of guests that see your home that week you will save you valuable time and effort. You will not have to prepare or leave your home for extended periods of time as often as most of the showings will take place during the open house, resulting in better value for your time.
  • We provide high quality 8’ custom open house flags to set your home apart and make it easier for it to be seen from the street. Perceived Value: your home will stand out among the other homes that are “For Sale” in your area. Those small open house signs being used by competing homes will pale in comparison, as they blend in and get lost on the street with all of the “White noise” and parked cars. The “Flags Waving Welcome” that is erected in front of your home will definitely draw the most attention.
  • Two or three of our team-members will be there to work at your open house. One to greet your guests; ask necessary Covid 19 questions, and to take their contact information for contact tracing. We also provide masks, hand sanitizer and instruct them not to touch anything. No guest is allowed into your home unless this process has been undertaken. Each guest must wear a mask and sanitize their hands prior to entry. Once done, the listing agent then will provide each guest with a home brochure, let them know that all doors and drawers will be opened for them and then will proceed to showcase your home during the detailed guided tour. For our listed homes where we expect a larger turnout, we will have a third team member come to assist. In this situation we separate our showing routes and guests are guided through the home all exiting from an alternate door. New guests are welcomed and enter the home through the front door. The advantage of having multiple-team members oversee the open house is to ensure that each interested party is catered to while all attendees receive top tier attention and service.
  • When only one agent works an open house, people are not greeted by anyone and may not wait around for the agent to come and let them in. People get frustrated and may be tempted to enter the home on their own, never a safe protocol. TPG always goes the extra mile ensuring your open house is memorable and executed with great care and attention to detail; and with no added cost to you.
  • Welcoming Satellite commercial free radio music through Bluetooth speakers will greet all visitors, helping to set the tone and put your guests at ease.
  • The high quality, pre-packaged snacks and drinks that we offer your guests after the tour help to make people feel very welcome and comfortable. We also believe it helps them to remember your house from the many others they will see that day.
  • Our focus at your open house is to professionally showcase your home, keep it safe by using Covid Protocols with more than one team member, and most importantly, “Bring you an Offer. ”Our purpose is to sell your home, not to on look for new clients and that is why we sell over 90% of our listings through open houses.

We always Ensure that the Buyers are Pre-Qualified

We always make a practice of asking the Realtor® writing the offer if the buyer has been totally pre-approved with the lending institution they will be using.

How we Negotiate the Best Terms for You?

We always endeavour to achieve the best price, terms and conditions for you our client(s). This is our duty to you. We will always advocate for you and strive to achieve the best possible terms in the offer. As you know everything in Real Estate Contracts are negotiable so we will not hesitate to provide you with the best advice to handle each offer. Our vast experience tried and true negotiation skills and Masters Negotiating Designation will serve you well.

Did you know that we attend all Inspections to Represent” You” our Seller?

We always make it a point to attend all inspections that the buyer has booked. This way we get to hear what the inspector is saying, point out answers to possible questions and protect you against unreasonable concession requests based on the inspection. We will be your eyes and ears and share all information garnered from the inspection with you once it has been completed. Again, we will ensure that your home is secured, and all lights are off before we leave.

Did you know, we also attend all Home Appraisals as well, to Represent “You” our Seller?

We always make it a point to attend the home appraisal if an onsite appraisal has been ordered. By being at this appointment we can ensure that we be available to answer any questions that the appraiser may have and point out some of the upgrades to them that are not immediately visible. Major updates are certainly something that can influence the value of your home so we will be there to point them out. Updates are the kind of thing that can have a significant bearing on the outcome of the appraisal.

How we are essential during Closing, Adjustments and Possession Date

Once your home has gone to pending our work does not end. We ensure that all of the documentation required by our Brokerage, the Selling Agent, The Lawyers and the Lenders are all kept abreast and updated. Selling a house involves a lot of work; so many little details that must be taken care of. We will be there for you every step of the way and after to provide advice and/or a helping hand whenever needed to lessen your load. Selling a home can be very stressful, but knowing that have a top shelf team in your corner who is taking care of the little details, the burden can be eased substantially. We will make the process easy for you.