Ever wonder why we stage? Staging means something very different to every individual so it's a bit hard to understand for some people. For the TPG, staging ranges anywhere from helping to decide on what to pack up first tore arranging your current household or bringing in everything for an empty house. Our specialty is to turn your current home into a show home no matter what it starts out like. Think about why retailers spend so much money on "staging" their stores, even Gas stations "stage" all of their stores.So if a gas station feels it's important to stage a chocolate bar why would you not put some effort into staging your largest asset? Fortunately for you and the TPG we have Ivica on our team and he is our in house professional stager.

Reason # 1 – Homes not Houses

People buy ”HOMES”, not ”HOUSES”. Walking through an empty house feels a bit depressing and lacks emotion. Staging creates an idea of a lifestyle with emotion, which will make buyers dream and see themselves living in a beautiful space you create. People buy with emotion when they fall "in love" with something. Most of the time it is not logic. Therefore, to stage a vacant home adds appeal and warmth to empty spaces and helps a potential buyer fall in love with YOUR house! We call it the WOW factor and it works! All of our sellers have fallen in love with their homes when we finished preparing it just before going to market.

Reason # 2 – Competition

If you want for your house to stand out from the competition, staging it is a must. You need to make YOUR house unforgettable, whether the market is slow or hot. Slow market favor the buyers, as several similar properties might be available. In a hot market, staging will generate a faster sale and might even bring a multiple offer situation, which will allow you to sell at a higher price. I have seen it happen many times.

Reason # 3 – Visualization

Did you know that over 90% of people are unable to visualize spaces? They just can’t see in their mind’s eye what a room could look like furnished. Empty rooms actually look SMALLER without the furniture. And most people won’t be able to relate to an empty space. They have no point of reference to know whether their own furniture will fit in and how to best position it. If the rooms have your

personalized things in it, people tend to feel like they are being a bit nosey when they open up closets and cabinets. You want the buyer to relax and feel comfortable viewing your home like its a store or showhome and not get distracted with your personal photos and information. Some Buyers can get distracted with your personal possessions as they want to try and figure out who you are and why you might be selling or if they have a common friend to use as an "in" to get a deal.Also for your privacy, we don’t want your personal effects shown online in our photos.

Reason # 5 – Photos

Over 90% of the buyers pre select the properties they are interested in online. Today, many foreign buyers purchase properties from the online photos only.Staged spaces look much better in photos and are more representative of what a property really looks like ‘dressed’. If a prospective buyer is not impressed by the online photos, chances are he/she will just skip over your property, when, in fact, it could be the perfect house for him/her! How an individual or family may "live" is not conducive for "selling" or having items in the home positioned for photos or enhancing the room. People have the items arranged for their comfort not for the purpose of photos. Online staging misses the mark of the reason why we stage a property. Having virtual staging on your photos help the clients online get the idea but when they arrive to have a look, your home will still be missing the emotion and comfort that the real staging offers. The online staging also makes people feel "tricked" when they arrive to find a different set up and furniture. We do not want to trick buyers or miss the point of staging so we only recommend staging the property for real.

Reason # 6 – Increase in Perceived Value

Staging actually increases the ‘Perceived Value’ of your property. As per recent NAR (National Association of Realtors) 2019 survey of over 2000 Realtors, staging increases the $ value offered by buyers. By how much? It varies between 1% and 10%, which can mean a few extra thousands in your pocket.

Reason # 7 – Avoid price reduction

If a property has not sold for a while, then the price is often dropped by a significant amount. Precious time and opportunities are wasted. If you price your property correctly at the start, the best thing is to invest in a staging instead and avoid the price drop, which will cost significantly more!

Reason # 8 – Accelerate the selling process

Staging a home will decrease the amount of time the house will be on the market. As per the latest NAR (National Association of Realtors) 2019 survey of over 2000Realtors, staging decreases the selling cycle time, which represents direct savings to the seller (and less stress, as well).

Reason #9 – Stage to your specific buyer demographic

Knowing your potential buyer is one of the most critical pieces of the puzzle when preparing your home for sale. Once that is determined, it is the stager’s job to create a design that speaks to that specific buyer so they experience an emotional connection with the property. This is what we specialize in and our team will guide you through this process.

You will really appreciate how staging your home will reduce the stress after an offer has been accepted. You can pack up and tidy up the few repairs that need tobe done prior to selling when you are not under a hard timeline. After you have anaccepted offer, you have a very short window and a hard timeline to pack up and it will be way more work then you realize. Our clients really appreciate this process especially once they saw how much work the packing was. We are here to coach you with the best practices every step of that way.