Why are open houses so important? People like to shop with the easiest system possible. Would you like to call a salesperson to book a time to go shopping in a store or buy a car? Or would you like to browse online and then swing by and have a look in person and talk to the person who has the most knowledge of the property (the listing agent)? When people go to an open house, there is a buzz of excitement with the number of people wanting to have a look at the property. This helps show the urgency for the real buyers that they are not the only one interested party. Doesn’t your home show better when all of the lights are on, music is playing and there are snacks and drinks available? Yes we are going to get a few of your neighbors but in most cases your neighbors love the area and want someone they know to buy. We find neighbors are fantastic ambassadors for your property. At TPG we see approx. 90% of our listings sell because of an open house.

When an open house is set up properly, they work and this is why:

  • Shows our dedication to selling your home with a minimum of a 3 hour commitment a week on site trying to sell your home.
  • It usually generates an extra 8 – 15 groups of people to see your home that week.
  • It takes the load off of the individual showings during the week when you have to clean up the property and leave for an hour so the one buyer can view. With an open house, you are cleaning still and leaving for two hours to show an average of 8-15 groups. This is much better value for your time.
  • We provide the best signage with large Reflective Open House signs. Small signs get lost on the street with the “White noise” and parked cars.
  • We provide high quality 8’ custom open house flags to make your home look like a special show home and make it easier to be seen from the street.
  • We provide high quality prepackaged snacks and drinks for the open house to help people feel comfortable and be one more thing to remember your house from the many others they will see.
  • We bring Satellite commercial free radio music with Bluetooth speakers to the open house to help set the tone and make people feel comfortable.
  • We provide two or three people to work the open houses. One to greet people at the front door and takes names for Covid contact tracing. The other one is the listing agent to guide people through the property. Open House attendees are asked to not touch anything and have to wear masks and use hand sanitizer prior to entry. Your home is treated like a museum and the listing agent opens doors and drawers for the guests. If there is a larger house with a larger turn out expected, we have a third join us and we separate our showing routes and guests are guided to leave out the back door with new people entering through the front.
  • The advantage of having multiple people at the open house is being able to have the time to cater to any interested parties and still provide top tier service to the rest of the people. If there is only one agent working an open house, people are not greeted by anyone and may not wait around for the agent to come and let them in. Also people may just enter the home on their own and currently that is not a safe protocol. TPG always goes the extra mile and will ensure your open house is manned by the listing agent and at least one other person at no extra cost to you.
  • Our focus at open houses is to show your home with a Covid safe environment and bring you an offer.
  • We do not focus on looking for new clients at open houses and this shows when people come through.